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  Personalized cat sitting services  - 
  Keeping your cat in the comfort of their own home!!  

West Island Cats - The Best care for your feline loved one!

           Let's face it, Cats are finicky! And no cat lover wants to disappoint them either. So if you have found this site, you are looking for a great home based cat sitting service. Search no more...you have found us here at West Island Cats, we are your gals!
          West Island Cats personalized service is based on two things, Cat Care and Home Care.
         Each 40 minute visit you book, consists of

-Cat Care: feeding, water change, litter cleaning/change, administering medications and of course playing and/or brushing your fur baby.

-Home Care: bringing in your mail while you are away, watering your indoor plants, turning on/off lights, drawing or pulling back curtains,taking out the garbage and a home perimeter check to make sure everything is all right.

 So not only is your feline friend fully cared for, but so is your home!

    We provide you with picture updates, emailed updates or text updates throughout your time away from your pet.

It's always nice to be aware of what is going on!

       Your privacy is of utmost importance to us, for that reason, a trusted West Island Cats sitter will be the only one who will ever enter your home. That is a guarantee!! And to put your mind even more at ease, West Island Cats is bonded with Binks Pet Sitting Insurance!

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by ★ Owner | 0 comments

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